20 November 2015

New Blog Location

Head over to "chiliadicorum"!

My apologizes for the very utter absence of any new posts on this particular blog, and for seeming to abandon it after using it so little. But the goal is far from abandoned. I've just moved everything over to Tumblr, the new blog at chiliadicorum (the hyperlink should work) entitled "Meletyalda". Any and all new Tolkien subjects along with any other minor or related posts will be uploaded to there, along with the ones already published here. I just find that I'm able to better interact with the Tolkien community through Tumblr, so that's the primary reason for the move. Maybe one day all the new posts will be uploaded to here, but for now this blog will be on hiatus until that either happens or I delete it completely. So go on and head over to there! I haven't gone anywhere. :)