21 June 2013


Welcome, and be of open mind!


Deep into the meres look, and let be wrought in mind from the far waters shifting and churning truths unheard and paths unfounded. From the shallows of meres be led to the broadness of seas!

Artwork by Elbereth-de-Lioncour on deviantArt

Welcome to the "Meres of Kiryatan i Ennuman", a blog wholly dedicated to the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, and a place where my many musings are free to wander without risk of being arrested. I have spent many years willingly enthralled by the wonders of Tolkien and, as the geek I am, have devoted much free time to studying deeply into his lore. Thanks to social media, I have also spent years reading and writing fanfiction based solely on the works of Tolkien and have yet to tire from the adventures.

But though I may invest all manners of joy into this, these articles are to be taken seriously. Inspiration to create this blog was born of amazement (or maybe abhorrence) at the general opinion of self-proclaimed fans on the many themes, stories and especially characters of Tolkien. I know there are many who, like me, have a vast and deep respect for Tolkien and strive to maintain that respect. The Meres of Kiryatan i Ennuman are one of my ways to express that respect, and in this blog there may be topics that are sensitive or even offensive to some viewers.

The goal of this blog is to dispel the many myths and rumors that spread like wildfire about various things in the world of Tolkien, and I look forward with a childlike glee to using a whole array of canon to back up Tolkien and what he wrote, and thusly (hopefully) aiding to stay the bleeding of the many false impressions. But mostly, these articles will be a fun way of connecting the dots, of gathering and fitting puzzle pieces to see the complete picture that otherwise might have been hidden.

A "mere", from Old English, is an expanse of standing water, usually a placid lake or pond, used sometimes in tales and folk lore as a means of reflection or even revelation. So feel free to look through the Meres of Kiryatan i Ennuman with your mind opened wide to the wonders of Tolkien!

*All posts will, more or less, include cited sources at the end, which at such a time if you should read through them, be certain to check the Book Editions found to the bottom left of the screen.

(yes, there is essentially nothing yet posted, but give it a little time.)


  1. Haha I just discovered this! EXCITEMENT! Hopefully weekend PM's...ideally...

    Oh..sorry it's EMO in case you were wondering.

  2. Winged here ;). Glad to see you got this up and running! I shall certainly come here to blow off steam now whenever I see anything that is potentially angering :D. Will reply to your PMs ASAP. :)